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Eko Support Services is a 100% wholly owned Nigerian Company created to develop an alternative logistics solution to the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. We provide logistics support services to clients with activity in the Western Niger Delta and offshore Lagos.

Eko Support Services Ltd also provides Terminal Handling services for select project and commercial cargo.

Our Facility is located at The Bull Nose within the NPA port premises in the Lagos Port Complex and from here we provide both Terminal and shore base services.

Eko Support is directly under the supervision of Nigerian Ports Authority and has a concession agreement with NPA. We have full Port Status enabling us to receive and handle import/export vessels and cargo directly. The Terminal has dedicated customs officers in the base and can customs clear and release cargo directly under the Asycuda ++ and NICIS II platforms.

Eko Support has been operating the facility since 2007, recently completed the redevelopment of the facility and begun a long-term concession agreement with the Nigerian Port Authority. After the extensive two-year redevelopment our current facilities are:


  • Permanent Staff
  • Terminal Workers
  • Outsourced - Equipment Operators
  • Contract / Short Service Employee
  • Outsourced - Workshop
  • Outsourced - Light Vehicle Drivers
  • Outsourced - Security

Standard operating procedure

1. Shipping Agent gives Seven Days ( 7 days ) notice before arrival of ship.The under listed documents must be submitted.

2. The under listed documents must be submitted.

a. Manifest (Duly registered with Customs and allocated with rotation number) 3 Days prior to vessel berthing

b. Bill of Lading(copy of Original) Duly signed and stamp by the receiver and Agent

c. Parking List with Cargo measurement.

d. Stowage plan (Duly stamped and signed by the Master of the vessel)

e. Cargo / Container Arrival List

f. Ship Entry Notice (SEN) and N.P.A payment receipt.

g. Other information such as Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)

3. On receipt of information as in (2) above, a Quotation will be raised.

4. Operational meeting will be held at ESSL Terminal to discuss the handling of vessel including Stevedoring issues.

5. Shipping Agent must obtain sailing clearance certificate from NPA, NIMASA, and CUSTOMS before the vessel departs.

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Draft in Low water
W/house planned to be increased in 2015

“State of the art High Capacity Water Treatment Plant with the capacity to deliver industrial water at 60 tons an hour.”

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